so, I was trying to straigten my hair a couple of days ago and the ends were super curly still, despite the heat. they also seemed rough and dry. so i decided it was time for a cut. i cut off my locs in may of 04 and haven't cut my hair since.

well, i'm no beautician but i just started chopping anyway. I have always cut my hair, poorly, so i knew better but i couldn't help it, the ends were so dry and after i cut them my hair was noticably softer. and now, of course, it is totally uneven. this is not so noticiable if i wear it curly, like a usually do, but i do want to wear it straight later on this summer (at a wedding).

so i'm thinking about fixing my problem but i do not know where to go. my husband said if i go to a barber shop they will just pick it out and give me a shape up. i'm not sure if i want that. i live in new york and i know curve is majorly expensive but i am seriously considering it. I also want to know if anyone has had any experince with khemit khinks or any other natural hair salons in the nyc area that can help me even out my hair.

thanks a lot,

4a with some 3c around the edges