My styling cupboard is nearly bare!!

All I have is Biolage Gelee and a bit of LA Looks Sport Gel (the blue stuff - which I never use anymore)
I'm dying to try Recoil or one of the Jessicurl Stylers, but I can't make up my mind what to buy!

On the other hand, I have dozens of different kinds of rollers and hair clips -- all rejects from my desperate search for big, consistent curls! I've got the long spirally ones in about 3 different sizes, the snap and go ones, three or four different sizes of the plastic ones, 2 different sizes of sponge rollers, devaclips, pins, etc, etc, etc..... And I still can't get even curls!
Originally Posted by curlychelle
I have tons of rollers too! I am able to get even curls. Did you make sure all the sections were the exact same size and were smoothed as straight as possible and wrapped really tightly?
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