I'm a DIY kinda gal! I can't see me going to get a "trim" because my stylist always gets scissor happy and I end up looking like a plucked chicken! I do it myself, then let him yell at me for it being so uneven. He hates that. I trim my daughter's hair too, because it's down to her butt, and I don't want her to lose too much length.He'd have my baby looking like a scarecrow. Matter of fact, when I get home, I think Imma do another BBC (Big Baby Chop):hyper:hyper.gif ! That'll be fun, let's see what my boyfriend has to say now. *in my best evil villain laugh*AAAHH HAH HAH HAAAH...yeah. He hates short hair, but he can't keep his hands outta my head!
Oh y'all, that's just her crazy showing.
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I guess lying on my back, in the middle of a studio, breathing and making vowel sounds for an hour for two years paid off.
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