Hi there I am no expert, but there is what I have done, step by step...

Honey with conditioner-

This really boosts the moisturizing and detangling effects of random, so-so conditioners. I blended 1/2 conditioner (using Nature's Gate jojoba conditioner), 1/4 honey and 1/4 extra virgin olive oil. I did this a couple of times in different amounts, so have provided ratios only. I use this like any other conditioner - appy to wet hair, brush if I am going to brush that day (optional, of course), and rinse out. It rinses out clean and my hair feels smooth with some shine The honey and oil improve the performance of the conditioner!

Honey with styling products-

I used about a quarter size amount of a regular leave-in (Jane Carter Solution Nourishing Cream, my fave) and applied to damp hair. Then I followed with a nickle size amount of Biolage Gellee, 1 drop of honey from a small squeeze bottle and some water to dilute the concoction. Applied this to damp hair and allowed it to air dry. No stickiness at all! Just shine and moist curls

I'm sure that other honey devotees will have more........
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