I read on one of theses threads that you shouldn't dry it on cool you should use heat, but finish off with cool. Something about drying just the outside and the inside stays wet.....heck, I don't remember.......maybe someone does??

Then again, just because someone says that, doesn't mean you must follow it!

ETA: Found it! It is the "Spill the beans" topic about a 'curly gathering' they had in Austin with Lorraine M.

Lorraine emphasized not letting the hair dryer touch your hair and placed everyone under bonnet dryers with low heat. I did ask one of the assistants and she told me not to overdry at home. Suggested using high heat, low speed with the diffuser and just drying it slightly. Finish with air drying. She also told me not to use the cold shot because the heat pentrates the hair shaft and helps it dry from the inside out. The cold hair would slow down the process.
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