A palmful is much too much as a leave in. I have a lot of thick hair kind of ling and I use at most a pea sized amount for my whole head. I mix it with a gel or jojoba as my final step. It might help if you mix it with something and then apply another product on top of it, a little bit of leave in or oil or whatever you like.
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I totally agree with Mandyv... A palmful of honey left on your hair No wonder it is making your hair hard, Amneris!

I have a lighter hand with products than you but can be skeptical of things like "pea size" amount.... Until I tried Curly Brunette's Shea It Ain't So and raw honey added to gel... Truly a pea size amount is enough for my shoulder length hair! That's why I suggested a lima bean for you since your hair is longer and thicker

The 2 spoonfuls in your conditioner sounds about right... I'm surprised that you didn't get good results with it
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