This makes me so upset. I have a pit bull and she's the biggest mush imaginable. All she wants to do is give kisses and snuggle and she never met a stranger she didn't love. Breed specific legislation makes me so angry.
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Me too, one of my old boyfriends had 2 male pit pulls they were the biggest babies ever. And with my keisha, the rott/pit bull mix, my biggest fear with her is while walking her, we come across kids playing ball, her 2 favorite things in the whole world, and she would probably rip my arm out trying to get to them to play. She was very large for her breed, so that made reactions worse, but she was just a such a baby. For the first year of her life she was keeped in a cage that tramatized her, and made her sad, every time she seen a dog in a fenced in yard she would cry, even if it was a large yard. I actually had to keep her on a chain, because her fenced in area made her sad, which was very large especially for jsut a day cage, bigger then some peoples back yards, and she would escape all the time and wait for me on my front porch, until I got home from work. She never stopped running like a playful puppy either, always throwing her front legs into the air.