ohh no amneris! yes dear, 2 spoonfuls is wayyyyy too much. a pea to nickle size will do the trick with a lot of conditioner. don't worry about the size of the honey because you will notice the effects as long as you mix it well through whatever you are going to mix it with. honey acts like a small package and remember, big things do come in small packages . also, honestly, i wouldn't use it as a leave in unless you are using it for styling purposes. i would say a drop of honey to big dallop of conditioner would be great as a leave in or rinse off. honey will make your hair crunch but using a nice oil/water spray such as coconut oil and water will really help to soften it up but still leave you with the intended results of the honey which is hold and incredible shine. i hope that helps you girl

curltopia, so you want my secrets huh? shhhh don't tell! haha ok well here is the deal, i use honey the majority of the time as a styling aid in my gel along with a styling creme. i sometimes use it with my conditioner if i don't plan on doing my normal routine.

here's my routine...i wash/condition my hair, rinse the condish out and squeeze the water out. i next spray my hair with my coconut oil/water mixture (about 1:4 ratio), then i proceed to styling. i guess the oil/water is my leave in condish? so then in my hand i drop a dime size of honey, dime size of aveda universal styling creme, then a big dallop of FOTE aloe vera gel (enough to fill my palm) and mix it throughly. i clip up 3/4 of my hair, spray that with oil/water and then spread the mixture on the hair that's left out, then comb it through with a wide tooth comb and spray again. i do same thing 3 more times cuz girl i've got a ton of hair. then after i've applied all my styling mixture, i spray my hair again with some oil/water just to make sure it's saturated nicely. this oil mixture is great because it keeps my hair moisturized and it keeps the honey from being too crunchy. so then i use my diffuser on the cool setting and blowdry my hair for about 10-15 mins while styling with my fingers in all directions. after that i air dry the rest of the day.

the next day i respray with the oil/water mixture to wake up my curls and blowdry on cool again. my hair is softer than the first day. my hair last a whole week like this and it looks great everyday. the honey really helps me because it makes my hair more durable when i go to sleep since i don't sleep with anything on my head. honey is so great, i'm in love
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