And, it has been a long, painful process growing back my hair. I looked like a curly haired man with short, curly hair. I am so thankful that it is finally growing back.
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Aww, honey...
I actually like my hair shorter, for some reason I'm so much more girly...if that's possible! sad20gif Today I wore a very cute and flowy peasant top and some cute earrings. I even wore lipstick! I seriously can't keep my hnd outta my head. My boyfriend sees me playing and he tries to shoo my hand he can play too! Hates short hair my fannie!

Since I cut it, I have all these crazy looking slinky lookign curls everywhere except the top. That's got corkscrews, and the crown is bone straight, where it fell out once due to relaxing. Any thoughts?

Ordered some stuff from, will let y'all know the outcome. WEEEEE!!! :hyper:hyper.gif
Oh y'all, that's just her crazy showing.
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I guess lying on my back, in the middle of a studio, breathing and making vowel sounds for an hour for two years paid off.
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