I could use some help finding a great gel.

I go back and forth with my hair. I've been straightening a lot lately, but I don't think I can keep doing that with the humidity coming on strong. I get the most consistent results with Ouidad Climate Control. Great curl formation (almost 3a with diffusing). My biggest problem is frizz.

I've discussed this problem at some length with laurabeth, and I've learned a few things about my hair: 1) my hair does not like to "be wet"---some people's hair looks great wet, and products like curl keeper help them maintain that look. Curl Keeper made me into a giant frizz ball. Other products that don't work well for me (I'm guessing for the same reason) are: HE HHG, Aussie Tizz no Frizz, Jessicurl gelebration. 2) I can't stand stickiness. Abba Weightless was just too stiff for me. I have this obsession with only using a single styling product, so I never tried it in combo. 3) Many botanicals make my skin and scalp breakout. 4) I have an oily scalp and need to shampoo regularly with a shampoo that has sulfates. (I know that sounds really bad, but if I don't, I turn into a greaseball.)

I am curious about the B&A gel, the Kenra 17 (which I haven't been able to find), and the Aussie Gel & Water. For those of you who love these, what is your routine?