Nope. They don't have a screw loose like many pits. They also listen and can be trained. When's the last time you saw a story in the paper or on the news about a GS that attacked or killed someone and the owners or neighbors say "He was such a sweet thing and wouldn't hurt a fly"? Screw loose.
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Camden Co. Boy Attacked By German Shepherd

Angela Russell

(CBS 3) SOMERDALE, N.J. A 7-year old Camden County boy was seriously injured during a dog attack in Camden County Monday.

Police said Frankie Lavella was attacked by his neighbor's German Shepherd outside his Somerdale home Monday evening.

Lavella’s father Frank said the German Shepherd, named Ozzie, would often come into their yard to play with the dog. He was stunned by the vicious attack.

"(Frankie) was laying on the ground, Ozzie was in between him and my dog and (Frankie) was laying with blood on his face and on his shirt," the victim's father Frank said.

Neighbors said they have never seen Ozzie act aggressive.

"I am very shocked because usually the owners are out there with the dog," neighbor Spring Minter said.

Frank Lavella insisted that his son did not provoke the animal.

"He just went to put his bike away in the shed and when he was coming back in the backyard, coming back from the shed to the back door, the dog growled at him and jumped on him," he said.

The 7-year-old is listed in stable condition at Cooper University Hospital in Camden. He was treated for bite wounds to his cheek and chest as well as two broken bones in his right arm.

It is unknown if charges will be filed or what will happen to the animal. The Somerdale Police Department is investigating the incident.

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