I was nearly killed by a chow when I was a kid, they managed to pull him off of me right as he was going for my neck. I had to have over 40 stitches and had to so some physical therapy, I still have some pretty nasty scars from it. I was deathly terrified of dogs for many many years, even little dogs. then one day, I was at a cook-out with some friends, and they had all brought their dogs, there was a bunch of pit bull, rotts. I was an uninvited guest, so I really didn't feel comfortable asking everyone to put their dogs up, so I just sat back, tried to keep calm, and tried to stay away from the dogs. And I watched them. I watched a pit bull get tore up by a bunch of puppies that played way to rough without a single complaint. I watched to rott push him away from his food. This particular pit was known for it's "agressive" behavior, and he did nothing. I ended up spending quite alot of time with this dog and never once did I see any agressive behavior, looking back I think the owner just told people that so no one would mess with him. It was because of pit bulls that got me over my fear of dogs. I ended up adopting that one's "girlfriend", the only problem I ever had with her was she didn't know her own size, which was big for a pit, and would try and crawl in my lap like a puppy, and the fact she was so large I couldn't find a place that would let me keep her.

Since then I have known many pits, all of them were loyal, and obediant. I am actually more afraid of little dogs, they seem to have an inferiority complex, and try to "prove" themselves all the time.

Ceaser Millian has a dog pack of over 30 dogs most of which are pit bulls, rotts, and other so-called "vicious" dogs. They all get along so well, that they can share 1 ball with no fights. He said once on the show, of all dogs, he trusts pit bulls the most.

What if we do do this breed ban, then what? Just kill all the dogs? And these aren't some wild animal that can survive on it's own and have their own habitat, they have no other place to go.