I'm not defensive. I'm not saying GS's don't attack. You're trying to change the subject from pits. The man was too close to the dog, the dog probably didn't know him. I didn't listen to the audio, but this wasn't exactly like a pit bull attacking a child. Or is that too defensive?

Whatever. M2lR, I don't understand your point. Peppy, this was one, not "some." Along the same line, how many pit bull attacks are on youtube??
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The thing is, though, that you are making excuses for the GS breed, but don't make the same for pitbulls. You could say the same thing if a pitbull had attacked the man. To me, it looked unprovoked. If a person stepped towards me the way that that man did, I don't think my pit would react the way that shepherd did. Also a few other posters linked more articles about GS attacks.
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I guess the relevant questions are do pitt bulls attack humans a significantly higher percentage of times than GS or other breeds? Are these attacks more often serious or fatal with a pitt bull versus other breeds? Do these attacks come without provocation more often than with other breeds of dogs?

and questions along those lines

We could all find numerous references to house cats attacking that doesn't mean they are just as dangerous as pumas.
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