Oh that's soo good!!! I am very happy for you that it went well. I think we are usually better at styling our own hair so I am sure you will do fine.
You're right! *is excited* I did it myself this morning, and it looks even better than yesterday. This is better than I had hoped.

Good for you! I want to see photos!

This makes me feel a little better when thinking about getting a haircut. It's been about 2 years since I had it cut at a salon (I trim it myself). I'm nervous about going anywhere and there are no Deva stylists around here (not that I follow the curly girl routine strictly.) I think in the past I have gone years between cuts. In fact, before that last one, I think I went 3 years (since before my wedding). The cut I got 2 years ago was very good (and was not a dry cut), but it was right after I discovered this board, and I hadn't found a routine that worked for me yet.

I can't decide whether I should cut my hair to shoulder length in the front again or keep growing it and see how it goes.
I wish I could post photos, but my stupid digicam is broken at the moment. If I get it fixed in the near future, I'll definitely post some.

My guy isn't deva-trained, and he did cut it wet, but he knew exactly how it was going to affect my curls. He told me they'd have more room to bounce, and that's exactly what it is. (I'm 3a, and also getting more curl at the root now, yay!) Between the different care and all the vitamins I'm taking now, he thinks it's going to be able to grow longer than before. *crosses her fingers*

Good luck with your decision on whether to cut or not!