Well, mixed results...
Pros: my hair is very soft and feels "naked" of product. It is super soft and feels great to the touch. It seemed to actually dry faster (and it is sprinkling outside today). The waves are nice and chunky and relatively uniform. It seems to work well to refresh the waves too.

Cons: there is a bit of surface frizz, the hold is not great and my hair is less curly, more wavy.

I will play with it a bit and maybe come up with one that works for me.
I think Epsom salt will be better than the sea salt I used. And, I think I will omit the Abba WG, as it didn't dissolve well at all. I can always put WG on top for more hold.
Any thoughts on what I should change?

But, I think the PM sculpting foam makes my hair the most curly of anything so far. maybe because it is so long and heavy, it needs the super light mousse texture. I may use the homemade and put the PM sculpting Foam on top.
If I can get a good formula down I will give some to my mom. She has wavy hair but won't use product, she would like how soft it feels, and it doesn't feel like there is anything in it; plus it smells really fresh and slightly sweet with the honey, lemon and lavendar.
PW: waves
frizz prone
long and layered
NEW to going wavy/curly!