curltopia, so you want my secrets huh? shhhh don't tell! haha ok well here is the deal, i use honey the majority of the time as a styling aid in my gel along with a styling creme. i sometimes use it with my conditioner if i don't plan on doing my normal routine.

here's my routine...i wash/condition my hair, rinse the condish out and squeeze the water out. i next spray my hair with my coconut oil/water mixture (about 1:4 ratio), then i proceed to styling. i guess the oil/water is my leave in condish? so then in my hand i drop a dime size of honey, dime size of aveda universal styling creme, then a big dallop of FOTE aloe vera gel (enough to fill my palm) and mix it throughly. i clip up 3/4 of my hair, spray that with oil/water and then spread the mixture on the hair that's left out, then comb it through with a wide tooth comb and spray again. i do same thing 3 more times cuz girl i've got a ton of hair. then after i've applied all my styling mixture, i spray my hair again with some oil/water just to make sure it's saturated nicely. this oil mixture is great because it keeps my hair moisturized and it keeps the honey from being too crunchy. so then i use my diffuser on the cool setting and blowdry my hair for about 10-15 mins while styling with my fingers in all directions. after that i air dry the rest of the day.

the next day i respray with the oil/water mixture to wake up my curls and blowdry on cool again. my hair is softer than the first day. my hair last a whole week like this and it looks great everyday. the honey really helps me because it makes my hair more durable when i go to sleep since i don't sleep with anything on my head. honey is so great, i'm in love
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THANKS girl for being so generous with your routine. WOW - it's just like being there with you I have a bunch of sprays but don't use them enough. Today, I used some MHC humectant spray and then applied a little Qhemet Biologics honeybush tea gel + Jessicurl CCSS for second day hair It was cool not to have to re-wet/soak or apply conditioner...

I'm going to try your honey routine one of these days... Your ringlets are oh-so-cute
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