Ava, I just bought some Gel + Water to try with my Tizz No Frizz. I'm going to try that combo tomorrow .

CSB - how do you dry your hair, diffuse or air dry? I was on Jessicurl's site the other day reading through user's questions and since doing what she suggested, it has helped with the frizz. And I live north of Houston, so it's really humid here.

She recommends applying products to soaking wet hair, scrunching with a microfiber towel and begin diffusing immediately. I know you said your hair doesn't like having products applied to it wet, but it may also depend on how you're drying your hair. I used to let my hair air dry 15-20 minutes before diffusing but since I started doing what she recommended, it's helped alot.

As for gels, since you're not CG, you might want to try Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Weightless Gel. For me, it does what ABBA does without the stiffness. It gives me soft waves/curls.

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