does anyone else have this problem?
i look at the front of my hair, and the two pieces on either side of my face look like i used a GIANT curling iron on them. i maybe get one turn over the when i see that i think to myself "man, i'm having a no curl day...that or i'm a 2a or something"

but yesterday when i was feeling this way, i picked up my mirror and looked at the back/sides, and it's covered with bouncy happy shiney 3a spirals!
short of using a curling iron to get them to match, what do you do with those sections of hair that won't curl?

plus. i have a theory as to why these pieces don't curl as well...they are the shortest two pieces of hair i have. all of the other pieces are longer...
do you think that as it grows longer, they will curl more like the rest of my hair? i just hate having to look at the back of my head to fall in love with my hair!

3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....