My favorite quick and easy thing with tofu.....

Pop the cube out of the container, cut it in half the long way, put both blocks on a paper towel-covered plate, put more paper towel on top and another plate, and put something semi heavy on it (like a book or a couple of small cans). Leave it for 15 - 30 minutes. This pulls a ton of the water out of the tofu so it will absorb whatever spices or marinade you use.

Uncover everything, cut the tofu into cubes or triangles - whatever size you like.

Sprinkle them with any spices you like. My favorite mixture is paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and ginger powder. (I know some of these are redundant, it just happens that this is the combo I like).

Heat up a frying pan and put in a small amount of sesame oil and rice wine vinegar (if you have it, but it works fine without it too). Throw in the tofu, stir it around, and add more of the spices. Basically, you want it to look really over-spiced.

Let it cook until it starts to stick to the pan just a little....this means it's getting crispy on the outside. Then toss it all around and keep cooking. You want it to be a little crispy all around.

You can have this on the side, with just about any starch, or you can toss in a mess of veggies and stir fry it all, or cut it smaller and add it to salad - just about anything.

In the summer, you can do the whole thing in bigger blocks on the grill, minus the oil. It's great with potato or macaroni salad.

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