Hi Everyone-

I have been trying to post an avatar, but am lame and can't seem to figure it out. I wanted you to be able to see my almost 3 yr old daughter's 3c hair.

She's a cutie, but the hair is killing me right now. I'm white, she's mixed (her daddy is black). She has beautiful blonde curls, currently in cornrows. Because her hair is quite soft and she won't sleep with her hair covered, they got fuzzy really fast. I won't be able to leave them in for more than a week or so. She usually has her hair in puffs or down.

She LOVES her braids and gets mad if you even try to touch them. I've read CG and have used some of the tips in there. I don't shampoo her hair more than once in a blue moon. I clean her scalp with conditioner.

I have the usual issues. "Black" hair care products leave her hair greasy and yucky and "white" products are not moisturizing enough.

I went to Sally's to try to find some new product, but everything that the lady recommended had mineral oil, which I think is a no no, right?

Things I've tried:

Paul Mitchell detangler- doesn't make her hair slippery enough for pain free combing

Nexxuss Humectress- Don't like the coated feeling it leaves on her hair

WEN leave-in- not hydrating enough

Elasta QP?-something or other. Made her hair very hard to comb

Abba-Nourishing. This has been pretty good. It's what I use most often, but she needs something a little more hydrating.

Pantene relaxed and natural- Daily oil cream moisturizer. Makes her hair hard to comb. Has mineral oil.

Motions hair and scalp- yuck

Pantene regular conditioner- works pretty well as a leave in, but the lady at Sally's said it was terrible for the hair, very drying.

The entire CurlyQ's line- Seemed drying.

Aveda condish- one of them, can't remember which, but didn't like it

Are you feeling my pain?

As her hair gets longer and longer I really need to find the right product for her so her hair stays beautiful and healthy. I've read lots of the message boards so I'm pretty up to speed on the basics.

Current routine:
In AM. wet the hair, work ABBA in, and comb through. Put in puffs for school or leave down. I ask her "do you want small hair (puffs) or big hair (down)" and do whichever she wants.

In PM. She takes a bath and likes to get her hair wet. After bath, squeeze water and work pantene regular condish through. Off to bed either in 2 braids or hair down. Hair down means longer combing in AM. She won't cover her hair at night. (She's only 2, what can I expect)

Don't even try to comb the hair dry. Your're picking a fight with that and creating some very unbecoming hair.

Enrica- you said you have a toddler. Any tips?

Thanks folks. I look forward to hearing from you.!!!!!!!!!