Seems to me that the US does have WMD's. Having them is not the problem, using them is. We have WMD's, but we don't have mass graves, where people are thrown in there like garbage. Like they were never human to begin with.

I'm not sure what the exact connection is between Saddam and Jordan. The Prince of Jordan refuses to talk to American media about the training camps, and he is open about most everything else. Dare I say, flamboyant? I'm not saying that Saddam having the money is proof of anything, it's just very suspicious that he had a bank's worth of money from the Bank of Jordan in one of his vaults.

They don't need our democracy. They need something different. Democracy is what we know and love. We are setting them up to govern themselves, once we leave, they can do what ever they want - maybe not right away . . . but after they give "our democracy" a try.

Yes, we did bomb Iraq. Intelligently. We went after hideouts, military targets and tied to avoid civilian places - which is not always possible. We didn't just bomb everything that moved. In past confrontations, Saddam was the one who surrounded his palace with women and children, knowing that we wouldn't purposely attack innocent people. We refrain from using biological warfare because it is too unpredictable, too many innocent people would die. And yes, the American people would be outraged. Even us war-monger conservatives!

I have heard/seen the media depicting soldiers as killing machines. The media was smart enough to back off from that approach a while ago. Say what you will about the war and our government, but (for the most part) leave our soldiers alone. Side note: The Marines seemed to have gotten the worst treatment because they are aggressive. Ummm, that's kind of their job. Special forces are known for being aggressive, and the Marines used to be the special forces for the Navy.

ETA - By the way, I'm not try to insult, embarrass or degrade (or anything else like that) anyone in any way! I'm just stating my point of view in hopes that maybe someone will try to see this war from a perspective they are not used to. And for the fun of it! I realize I'm not going to change anyone's mind, just trying to show my view.
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