For the past couple of weeks I was having great hair days. Definition, more curl than wave, felt good, etc. But the last several days, ick. Either they are stringy waves or puffy dry feeling mess (yesterday) or just not looking right. :x I was using Angell over B&A, Along with Re:coil, rinsing upside down with cool water after CO washing or poo-ing and conditioning. Is it too dry? It kinda feels dry, mostly at night. I think I am going to DT tonight with JCDT and maybe lay off the Angell tomorrow and use some other gel in my stash. Maybe just time to rotate the routine. :headscratch:headscratch.gif Any suggestions? I also colored my hair and put in some highlights, but my hair was acting crazy before I did that, so I don't think that alone is the culprit.
Any suggestions would be great.
2b color treated red hair.
Current routine: Oh honestly it changes so much I'd have to rewrite this daily!
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