Thanks meegs, I guess it was stars alignment. I remember reading laurabeth's post on your hair getting whatever it needed at the time and once it got it, it didn't need it anymore so the product didn't work the same.

cunninghamair, thanks anyway. I hope you have a better hair day tomorrow. I know what you mean by hanging on by a thread. It's enough to make me crazy sometimes!

Kimmyc, hmm could be the B&A. I laid off the Be-curly thinking maybe the protein was drying, but hadn't had any problems with the b&a so far. I think I might lay off it for a few days and see. Can I do an acv rinse tomorrow, even if I did a dt tonight? I would hate to erase the benefit of the dt already! But I gotta say, man my hair smells and feels yummy right now, although since it is air drying it will be mostly straight by morning.
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