I know, I know, I know. That very, very in-between somewhere hair. I am tri-racial and my husband is biracial. My daughter has this sort of hair (or should I say 'had' it--please read my review of a butcher shop gone salon in general section). It is the same exact problem we had--too oily/greasy and not enough moisture. Everyone has a different opinion of what needs to be done with it: oil it, straighten it, braid it, relax it...very frustrating!!

I read a lot of product reviews and I found that Qhemet Biologics was the most perfect thing. I tried Curly Q's, Motions, Redken, Matrix, Nexxus, Pantene, Neutrogena...no magic bullet, I mean curls. You know how when you try a product, you believe the ad, cross your fingers, hoping it will do exactly as it says but you also steel yourself for disappointment? There ought to be a name for that particular emotion associated with the let-down/disappointment with a product. Anyway, I steeled myself with it when I tried Qhemet. Softens and instantly detangles...yeah, yeah, yeah. POW!!! It worked and worked wonders!!! No problem pulling the comb through what-so-ever. Her hair isn't kinky at all but it tends to snarl and mat like you wouldn't believe. No problem at all the with the Olive Conditioner. Not only that--you know about 'dry draw-up'? Not with this stuff. Her curls used to go down to her waist when pulled and this stuff kept it down on her shoulder blades when dry--never happened with anyone else's stuff. I cannot recommend this stuff enough!! It needs to have a throne set aside in every CGs hair court. Tried it on my red, bushy head and absolutely loved it!!!! The Olive and Honey and the Hair Tea is wonderful to moisturize. Very good on the hair while it is still damp, put it in twists, and then unfurl in the morning!

I formulate soaps, creams, and other toiletries, so I know for a fact that the ingredients are good and well thought out. Just be really super careful not to get the least little amount in your eye--it will burn like acid and unfortunately, it is difficult to rinse out. If you do get it in your eye, making a dilution of J&J Baby shampoo and A LOT distilled water helps to get it out. The potential irritation is NOT due to poor formulation, however (lemon juice to brighten the hair will burn like the dickens and it's all natural)!! Some substances are irritating the eye no matter what.

Go ahead, order a sample!!! Let us know how it works out. BTW, your daughter is a doll baby!