hot comb!!! on type 3 hair???

have you ever had bad hot comb experiences? my momma once burnt my head!
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yes, my mama started pressing me when I was about 8 (like shyygirl) and she had the same one. I got burnt if I didn't sit still, so I learned not to move! I have had only good experiences since I was older - I think my straight hair looks nice but you can be the judge of that. I have the Gold pressing comb and the pictures on the box etc. have a lot of 3b/c and c hair - I didn't know we weren't "supposed" to press - all my type 3 friends and family do, and my salon uses it on me and others with my hair type. Hot combs have different settings (but I actually need the highest one due to the density, coarseness and resistance of my hair.) It hasn't dried or ruined my hair yet - I only have it done professionally once a month or so.
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