i'm actually doing it again right now but this time only for 7 days. in the past (i've done it 3 other times)...i did it for a total of 10 days w/ excellent results. it is very demanding but it works. the weight slowly crept back after the first time but by the 3rd time i knew i wanted a serious change and i kicked up my workouts and have maintained my workouts so the weight did not come back at all and i've even lost weight. in fact my mother asked me why i was even doing it again this time (i'm doing it for detox only - hence fewer days).

now.....i've found that the laxative tea/sea salt combo is too much to do daily! i did it just as indicated the first time and got awful cramping....the last few times i did the sea salt every few days but did the tea every night. this time i have done the tea every night so far (but i'm only going to do it every other night) and i have not done the sea salt. the thing is....if you drink the tea at night (say around 9-10) and do the water & sea salt in the morning...YOU WILL GO WITHIN AN HOUR OR SO!!! but after that you're pretty much home free....so far i've lost 3.5-4 lbs (but again i'm not doing it purely for weight loss this time....i'm detoxing from a couple of weeks of not great eating and lots or sugar/cafienne)...the mc is very effective at "breaking" your cravings and i felt that could be accomplished in 7 days and i didn't need to go the full 10 because i am working out and i really don't want to drop too much weight. i am happy though to have crossed on the other side of 150 lbs....i haven't seen 140-something for several years!!! (i'm 5'9").

anyway i hope that helps you....if you have any other mc fast questions let me know....since this is my 4th time doing it i feel like i'm a mini-expert....and back to the original point it melts cellulite big time especially when you workout too....cellulite is really an internal thing so this hits it like no cream or gel ever could. my cellulite has never really returned even when i gained a bit of the initial weight loss back. oh and finally i've loss on avg 10-12 lbs doing the fast and like i said the 3rd time i did it (we were having a weight loss competition at work) i not only lost the weight but i kept it off and loss a few more...even if you decide not to do the mc fast i think periodic fast is good for the digestive system and to break cravings and sort of start w/ a clean slate.
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