Would you turn them in?

By loved one, I mean husband/wife, child, or sibling. Would you turn any of them in, or only your spouse?

I would turn in any of them if I knew they committed a serious crime (murder, theft, arson , whatever).

I had to call the police when my mom left my brother home alone by himself for hours when he was six. I also called them when my aunt got a call from a nurse she knew that my mom had beaten my brother with a broom until it broke on/in his back. Of course, he had already started healing by the time anything was said about it. No one called for me when I was being abused, so I do NOT tolerate abuse at all!

I've called on my brother for destroying my dad's office. My dad was out of town at the time, but my brother really did a number on it. I also called on someone in my family (I can't remember if it was my brother, but I think it was) who had threatened to hurt another family member with a gun he took from my aunt (yeah, it was my brother). The gun was returned to my aunt and nothing happened - I had forgotten about this incident.

Anyway, would you tell the authorities if you knew your child, sister/brother, husband had committed a serious crime?
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