So, I actually think it is a disservice to the person we think we're "protecting" when we don't tell, because it enables them to continue the behavior, and it teaches them to lie, cover up things, not have consequences for their actions, etc.
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See, sadly, I have 2 sisters and I don't really love 1 of them. I definitely don't like her, at all. She hurts my family too much - my family being my other sister, mom and dad. She is committing a crime right now - but we're not telling. We've been around the block on this for years.

But my issue is a big issue - we're not talking about sending this girl to her room - we're talking about one day getting a phone call and finding out she's dead. Sometimes showing consequences doesn't then what do you do?

I could call the police at this very moment and get her thrown in jail if I wanted too. But I won't.