This may sound kind of odd, but I don't own any tennis shoes. I bought an exercise dvd the other day because I realize that this will be the only way for me to become physically active aside from walking around the parks on the weekends.

What kind of shoes does one need for doing arobics? I was at Sport's Authority and they have all different kinds of shoes and I don't know which are appropriate. I thought that maybe I could work out barefooted, but my husband says I need shoes. There is a slight possibility that we may get a gym membership this winter so I may jog if the facility has a track, but I am not holding my breath. Are "good" shoes worth buying if only for an exercise tape, or can I buy a pair of cheapies? I realise that this is kind of a stupid question, but I have no idea what I am doing. Before I had kids, I was thin and fit without the effort. Two kids (via c-section) and 10 extra lpounds that I can't get rid of later, I need to take charge of my body and get back into shape.

Any recs are appreciated.