Its a shame that its almost OK for people to insult slim girls for looking unattractive, esp since it always seems like a backlash from people trying to loose weight. It works both ways. Both gaining and loosing weight is very very difficult. Neither being fat or thin is 'correct'.

I've successfully gained a bit of weight recently, but I am still very aware of how skinny I am in comparison to other people.

A co-worker of mine made the mistake of telling me I "needed" to gain 10 pounds because *he* liked thicker women. WTF? This was a CO WORKER for crying out loud. I am not sure what gave him the right to tell me what *I* needed to do to be more attractive to *him*. He is an ex-acquaintence of mine now.
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What an ass, seriously though men who think that every woman should cater for his individual tastes are plain selfish.