If you use enough to make it stiff and let it dry *completely*, you can scrunch out the crunch and still maintain hold, definition and frizz control but eliminate the wet crunchy look.
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I don't mean just a little crunchy, I mean really crunchy, to the point where I can't crunch it all out, and it only stops looking stiff the second day (although that second day hair is great). I'll experiment a little more, but since I don't need the hold apparently, and only need a little help with definition and frizz, I think there's probably other stylers out there that would be better for me.

Thanks for explaining it!
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You may want to look into cream stylers, or light-hold gels. The Mop Top gel, for example, gave me lots of shine and curl, but my curl would fall out an hour later b/c the hold is so light. Something like that might work for you.
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