This is going to be so long and won't hurt my feelings if you decided not to read it!

I'm having such a hard time figuring out how to lay my hair now that it's growing out. It's in such a transitional stage, I'm trying to grow out my layers, and I need a trim really bad. I used to wear my hair above my shoulders, and cut in medium layers making it incrediby full and round, w/ tons of height. Now that it's below my collarbone, the top layer rests over my ears to give me a bozo look, and the weight is flattening and straightening the top. I can't create that same volume at the top w/o overdoing it w/ the product, and if I try to enhance curl and get that 'big hair' the top falls by the end of the day, and just the ends are curly, which looks so trashy w/ all the product. I'm trying to stretch out the curls a bit @ the bottom until the layers even out, or can be trimmed a bit better. I've recently stopped using gel or mousse, and now use straightening and smoothing products to tame the curl a little bit.