Asja wrote:

1) What do you deep condition with??
2) How long does a jar of Curly Pudding last you??
I just received a jar from the swap board (EXCELLENT swap!)
2b)How long does as an application of Culy Pudding take you?

I deep condition with a 50:50 mixture of Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm and Aveda's Cherry Almond Bark to which I add 2 to 3 Huge dollops of honey (my hair literally drinks it up).

One jar of the Curly Pudding lasted me about 3 months, but I only use it once a week. (A couple of days ago, I tried Curling Custard together with knot today, and I have to say I like it better than the Curly Pudding. I felt it held my hair a little better that the curly pudding without the overpowering smell. But I apply both identically.

My application takes longer than most because, I apply it differently.
It takes me about an hour total BUT this is the ONLY day that I will have
soaking wet hair until I wash again.
If you think about the way you used to press and curl your hair, you'll have an idea of how I apply my CP (now CC). First I apply a leave in conditioner to my hair, I have several and I use any of them depending on the mood I'm in. They all work equally well for me because with my deep conditioners, the goal is moisture and not shrinkage reduction. I don't think a leave in has been created which will significantly reduce my shrinkage. After applying my leave in, I section my hair in small sections clipping up all of the other hair except the section I'm working on. I then loosen as many of the tangles as I can with my fingers, next I spritz with a detangler( the absolute best detangler out there for me is Mane and Tail detangler, and believe me, I've tried a lot of them.)
Now I liberally apply the CP or CC to the section of hair and use my Denman D4 think of how you used the straightening comb in your hair and you'll know exactly how I use my D4. i reapeat this process until all of my hair is done. It takes an hour. Then allow my hair to dry completely. I used to twist immediatley at this point, but recently I've found that if I allow the hair to dry out and then mist section and do big twists after it's dry, the curls are looser the next day.
It takes an hour on washday, but I gain time the rest of the week, because by twisting at night, I don't have to do the wetting everyday,
also as far as shrinkage is concerned, for me the only thing that reduces it is to give my hair time to fall and for me, that means moiturinzing lightly and applying some type of holding product nightly. I tried Fantasia IC hair polisher pomade for the first time yesterday, and when I undid a twist,( I haven't yet released them all yet) I loved the feel, nice and weighed down.
A very lengthy response, but I hope it answered your question.
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