I am so in with this, and can relate to the getting it cut when it gets to an awkward length. Right now, the back of my hair is definitely shoulder length, and my front pieces are still a couple inches above, so it's a little awkward. But the curl is still good, and is more visible. And like many people here, my hair looks longer when wet. I haven't had my hair cut for more than 5 months now, which is the longest I've gone without a haircut for many years. Back in January, I had my hair cut, and although my cutter does a great job, it was way shorter than I really wanted, so I've only trimmed my bangs(since I look better with bangs, and know how to trim them)since then. My hair looks similar to babywavy's in degree of curl. You can bet that I'm going for a lot longer with NO other trimming. I'm aiming for January 2008, and see how things are going then. If they are still OK, I'm aiming for another 6 months, etc. I'm saving boatloads of money too, as it's $55 plus tip to get my hair cut, and I'm on a very low beauty budget.
And about the not having had it cut since last January, it doesn't look like I've gone that long. My hair looks like it's the same length as about 3 months ago. Does this ever change, in that hair actually looks longer as it grows? I know this kind of a strange question.