Give the newbie a break, please.

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Hey, mistakes happen. It can take some time to realize that there are all types of curlies out there. Perhaps we should have been mroe sensitive to your membership date.

I used to think that if someone had straight roots and curly ends, then they must have had a perm becase naturally curly hair was curly the whole way. I just had to get educated. I had to learn that not all curly hair is coarse and dry like mine. Some have very thin fine curls and/or silky curls.

Some curlies do have natural curls and/or waves that start out perky, but the environment, weather, type of water, product, etc can make a huge change in how they look, how curly the curls are and how long they stay perky before some environmental factor weighs them down or frizzes them out. Some curls are harider and don't flatten out or get weighed down. We have such a wide variety.
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Med/Coarse, porous curly.