I want to jump and sing and shout! I HAVE CURLS! (Well, as close as I'm going to get, anyway.)

Thanks to the advice of many of you, I keep making changes to my routine. This morning I tried something COMPLETELY different. Different products, methods, no plopping.

I CO washed and then conditioned with VO5 kiwi lime. I squeezed out the excess water in my hair, mixed a glob of the VO5 with a glob or re:coil, and raked that all in. Then I brushed my hair. (Yes, I thought it was odd, too.) Next I raked in 4 small puddles of Alagio curl cream, and brushed again. Then I sprayed with LTW, and raked/scrunched that in. I scrunched some more with a MF towel, and then diffused. I diffused to maybe 50% dry - enough that I don't look drippy, but not so much that it turns to a frizz ball.

I have full, bouncy, happy waves and curls. I have much more real curl than I have been getting - quite a few full ringlets! I still have a little frizz I need to work out, but I am SO excited!! I just had to share with everyone.
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