I am fairly new here, and I see we are short on 2C people. I have really thick, coarse, and wavy to curly hair. I started caring for my hair differently when I discovered Jessicurl products. I use her shampoo, Too Shea, and also the Rock'n Ringlets. I also have gotten some real good tips here also. My main problem is frizz and I have found the the plop works very well for me. My current routine is DevaCurl One Condition. I leave quite a bit of it in after showering. I use Jessicurl shampoo about twice per month. I had been using AnGell, but found that it left knots at the end of my curls. I am now using Rock'n Ringlets. I actually have slept in the plop all night and my hair is still slightly damp in the morning, but it gives formed curls without much frizz. I only diffuse if absolutely necessary. So far this is working for me. Just though I would share.
2C, Thick, Dark Brown, Coarse, just below shoulder length. Currently using homemade poo with no sulfates once or twice a month, One Condition, and Rock'n Ringlets. Plop all night and let slightly damp hair air dry in the morning.