A friend called while I was at the gym for a lunch date, so I had to speed up my lazy morning (slept late.....). I conditioned with Aloeba, spritzed with aloeba for leave-in, scrunched POTAR in soaking wet hair, then plopped (only for the third time!) for 20 minutes (go to home page, FAQ, plopping to get a diagram). THEN pixiecurl diffused until almost dry. I had HUGE spirals, with lots of lift at the scalp! Maybe us wavies need BOTH to encourage those curls. It is humid and sprinkling here today, so they fell out a little by the time I got home (smaller ringlets), but still curls all the way up to the scalp, with "lift" on top. Also, helped my long bangs dry out of my face. It's worth a shot

Pixiecurl method by pixiecurl: "here's the method i've found for maximizing curls/volume and minimizing frizz:

flip hair upside down and put hair from front middle section (closest to forehead in the bowl of the diffuser, and hold bowl all the way against scalp so it is "scrunching" your curls for you. THEN i turn the dryer on, pressing the cool shot whenever it gets too hot for my scalp. i then TURN IT OFF before removing the bowl from my scalp. then i go to the front right section and repeat, then front left, then flip right side up and get the underside, then flip back upside down and get anywhere i missed. i don't diffuse until 100% dry, and it doesn't look quite right until it's finished airdrying all the way and i flip upside down and scrunch again.

the key is only having the blowdryer on when the bowl is against your scalp because this minimizes your hair getting blown around and thus minimizes frizz.

hope this helps!"
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