I use Smooth N Shine Curl Gel Activator. I can get the same effect with Aloe Vera Gel, but once my hair dries it gets frizzy. So I stick with the Gel Activator. I find that the activator leaves my hair shinier & keeps my curls (clumps) together better. The glycerin in it takes forever to dry but it's a great moisturizer so I don't mind. Oh and it's not a drippy type of wet, like you would imagine a jheri curl.

I want to call Smooth N Shine my HG but I don't think I've been on my PJ hunt long enough. I've heard S Curl is a good one also. But S N S was the first one I saw & tried & liked, so I haven't tried anyone else.
Transition: May 03
Bc'd on Feb 14, 2004
Length: 8 - 10'
Type: THICK curly/coily/wavy
GOAL: Healthy Bra Strap Length
HG: (I'm going to step out on a limb here and say...) Smooth N Shine Curl Activator & Fantasia IC w/ Sparklites