buy fresh lemons....the other i've heard is not the fresh lemons and limes and a little handheld juicer and you'll be better off

just DRINK no food....i guarantee you will not die and you can be alert. drink as much as you want!!! the biggest hurdle is mental....don't even start obsessing about "not eating" or you won't make it....think of it this can do ANYTHING for 10 days....especially for your overall health. it's a good time to get in some solitude and personal time...don't surround yourself w/ sights and sounds that keep you thinking about food or you won't make it.

you need uniodized sea salt...i'm not sure why the uniodized part (it may effect how you have movements)....i just know most salt that we commonly buy is iodized and i followed the requirements to a t at first. they both cost about the same....super cheap and will last a long time.

good luck!!
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