Okay so I have the start of type 3A hair and I dont know how to take care of it! I decided to stop straightening it and let its natural beauty shine throught so I really need some help. My hair is shoulder length and is between the wavy type and 3A. Its really curly in the back (think really loose Shirly Temple curls) but in the front its rather undefined and ugly. What I use right now on it is a leave-in conditioner and frizz serum (yet it still comes out rather frizzy). I need advice on products for my hair to make it look its best (shiny, non frizzy, defined curls) and I need tips for how to use the products. Also, I'd like to know how to put it in a cute bun with curls hanging down ( I achieved it once and it was so pretty but today I definitely failed). Also, if theres any tips or any facts that I need to know about my hair that can be helpful for me to take good care of it. Thank you, SOOOO much! I really need advice!
<3 !!