Here are two useful links on drugstore gels:

As for the bun, here is a version of one, credit to LJCurly9.
Gather your hair as if you're pulling it up into a loose high-ponytail, allowing bumps and such to form. Use a hair tie, and pull it into a loose ponytail, and on the second time through, don't pull it all the way through, instead leave a bun. Take the part of the ponytail that is hanging beneath the bun, and rearrange it so that it is on all sides of the a crown or something. Then, pull those parts a bit, so that the bun becomes smaller, and pull curls from the bun, so that it is not exactly a bun or ponytail, but it is still up. I usually make sure that the curls are around all parts of the tie, as well. Then, take tendrils from the front (I usually do one from both ear area, and then two from each side of the hairline), and spray them for a good hold. Same with the bun/ponytail part...and you may even choose to use bobbypins to secure those curls in the back, but that's optional.
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