"10 years with no trims or anything, and last 2 years only microtrims/dusting, as needed. but I now Im in a sort of club "no trims til may of 08" on another board and so it's been since maybe feb or march since my last trim don't really remember if I trimed at all this year really." - cympreni

Gosh, that makes my current venture look like it started yesterday. Last hair cut was in late January of this year, and I've just been trimming bangs myself! I'd sure like to keep this going, and so far it's been going well. I'm saving boatloads of money by not having my hair trimmed every 2.5 months too. I'll see how this is at the 1-year anniversary mark. One lady with great naturally-curly hair I saw recently hadn't had her hair cut in 2 years(she had had a disastrous haircut which really made her shy away from anyone with scissors!).