My new problem...

My hair is 3/b with 3/c in the back. I have a little 3/a here and there, I think from damage (highlights, etc). My main problem at the moment is trying to get the 3/c hair in the back to look decent. I recently got a devachan cut and it seems like with the layers in the back, it got even curlier. It's botticelli until you get to the end of the layers, then it's pencil size spirals on the end of the layers. It looks really weird to me. The longest layers are just below my shoulders.

Sometimes it just a big fuzz ball back there and doesn't go with my nicer 3/b curls on the sides. I've tried plastering it with my gel, but that's not working really well. Anyone else have any ideas?

I just bought some Phytodefrisant, do you think that will help me?
3B, with some 3C