birth control pill for me - i love it! i went on it when i was 18 for wildly irregular periods (sometimes i would skip months, sometimes every 2 weeks i'd get it). i'm actually dreading going off of it someday when husband (to-be) and i want to have kids. i hate the idea of going back to never knowing when my period's coming.
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My mom said that before she had kids, her periods were wildly irregular too. After having the first one, it came every 28 days like clockwork.

I don't really have any such problems with my periods and my mom said birth control pills (she was on them before having my brother) actually made her break out more. I'm afraid genetics might lend me similar tendencies, so I just stick to condoms and rhythym. Like bounce, I just think it's pretty interesting to track my cycle and know what exact changes take place in my body at each point in my cycle.
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