YES this is the thing I HATE. I dislike wearing my hair down at times because the front looks good but the top-layer in the back is flat against my head, wavy-like... it frustrates me, because wearing my hair half up looks great in the back (where all the curly front top layer is gathered, and then you see this straight or barely wavy hair underneath on the outsides while all the undercurls that I like go unseen.. it's a a sad thing! I dontated to Locks of Love last summer and my hair's getting longer.. I'll have to see if the problem gets worse/better as it grows out.. it's been a while since the cut, so I don't really know.

...2C-3A with a little 2A-ness in the back... why won't the back just switch over to 3A too? CURL, you hair! CURL like your friends! *sigh*