I've used coconut oil as a leave in and did not like the results. Unlike most other oils, it did manage to penetrate my hair, but it made the strands extremely plump, to the point of stiff. My hair did not feel soft at all.

I've since read that it strengthens the hair (it can do this as it's one of very few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft), and my hair definitely felt a little more resilient with that stuff in it- it was very,very springy, so much so that it did not want to stay how I styled it. Since I like the strengthening aspect, I've started adding it to treatments (which I rinse out thoroughly) so I can enjoy the benefits without the stiffening effect I get using it as a leave in.

@banjocurl- I was planning on mixing coconut oil with shea as a pre-swim treatment this summer. I'm amazed that you managed to get it all out without a shampoo, though. Glad to know in advance that it works well!