Really cool hair!! Looks wonderful!

I love humid - it gives me volume which lots of time I lack!!

Your hair looks great - I love the front (I am still growing out bangs - I wonder when they stop being bangs??).
I'm growing mine out now, too, and they're driving me crazy! I have these great spirals everywhere today and then the bang mess. They're not long enough to spiral all the way around yet, so I have to keep pinning them back. The rest of my hair is spiralling into long corkscrews today; like banana curls -- I look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. If I stuck a great big bow to pin the bangs back, that would just really complete the goofy look.
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Laughing at the thought of a gingham bow! My bangs are chin length but they still want to flop in my face - I keep thinking at some point they will realize they are not bangs anymore...right??? right??
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