Laughing at the thought of a gingham bow! My bangs are chin length but they still want to flop in my face - I keep thinking at some point they will realize they are not bangs anymore...right??? right??
Your HAIRS THAT ARE NOT BANGS ANYMORE should definitely realize that they're chin length hair, NOT bangs, and stay out of your face by now, I would think! This is not encouraging since I'm hoping when mine get that long, they will stay over to the side or something. My bangs are just barely to the middle of my nose; I just started growing them not too long ago. Sometimes, not very often, they'll corkscrew really good -- right down the into the middle of my eyes. What am I supposed to do with that??

Yeah, it's really funny 'cus I'm way too old for the gingham bow thing. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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