Hi, I'm Laudes from Los Angeles, CA. Glad I found you guys; I never, ever see advice on my kind of hair in magazines, etc. I'm of Celtic extraction & have naturally blonde, curly, FINE hair. Does anyone else out there have this hair: fine, but lots of it, and curly but not with well-defined or tight curls?

Someone once likened my hair to cotton candy. :fuming:fuming.gif It's voluminous unless beaten down with blowdrying, straightening serum and then a straightening iron. I want a more natural style, but my hair doesn't hang or bounce- it sort of lightly "puffs" - what can you do with that? Needless to say, I've never been able to find a decent haircut; stylists either straighten it out & then cut it (impossible to maintain, much less reproduce even once, at home!) or use curlers to get it into tighter curls (which also takes forever at home!).

Anyone out there with experience in (successfully) dealing with my type of hair? I've only tried a few serums (Frizz-Ease is what I use now), but there must be better. Perhaps there are new products/intruments/etc. that work? Aside from wearing a hairband for my rampant side & top flyaways, + a medium-long braid, I despair of ever finding a reasonable-looking hair style. How I envy those of you with strong, coarse, definite curls!

Anyway, I'm glad to be in a group of fellow curlies! You're right- curly hair is natural for many & has been in style during many periods- fashion is just being arbitrary about it at the moment! Plus, curly hair is so beautiful when handeled right. My husband LOVES curly hair, and as HE says- "How many poems have been written about straight hair? They're all about curls!" (Check it- he's right!)